About me

Where does one begin with an ‘about me’ section? What’s important? What’s not? My life today is drastically different than it use to be, so I guess I’ll start from there. It’s better, so much better than before. I’m grateful to say that I get to experience happiness on a daily basis. My body, mind, and soul are strong. And while I still experience pain, discomfort, and bad days, they are few, far, and in-between. I mean, the whole idea of life is to learn, grow, and when we grow, we feel better. You can never learn enough. Just when you think you have, a whole new world opens up, hungry for you to learn even more.


The Momentus Method

An online class where you will feel safe, LOVED, and best of all,
learn how to enjoy your days while you're on this planet.

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Ready to wake up in the morning and actually LIKE your life more than ever? To feel your best?


The Best Book I’ve Read In a Long Time

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