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Where does one begin with an ‘about me’ section? What’s important? What’s not? My life today is drastically different than it use to be, so I guess I’ll start from there. It’s better, so much better than before. I’m grateful to say that I get to experience happiness on a daily basis. My body, mind, and soul are strong. And while I still experience pain, discomfort, and bad days, they are few, far, and in-between. I mean, the whole idea of life is to learn, grow, and when we grow, we feel better. You can never learn enough. Just when you think you have, a whole new world opens up, hungry for you to learn even more.

I grew up in New Hampshire in a normal family. But, we all know that there isn’t a norm, and I’m happy that I don’t consider us that way anymore. Nothing is. Life sure isn’t. The more interesting, the better if you ask me. Gratefully, love was present in our family. Kisses were a must when we woke up, as well as when we went to bed, no matter how angry or upset anyone was. Two parents and three siblings are enough to drive anyone bananas, in my opinion. Truthfully, they’re all awesome, but don’t be fooled. While we might look perfect, nobody is. That’s what makes us awesome.

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I dropped out of college after experiencing it for just two weeks shy of a semester. Doing so saved me about one hundred thousand dollars. I instead attempted to be a famous model and moved across the country to Los Angeles where I had the time of my life. Was it hard? Absolutely. Did I experience discomfort? You betcha.

After being a wild child and abusing drugs for a few years, falling deep into a depression, I felt it was time to move on back to the east coast. I found myself in New York City of all places, thinking I wouldn’t like it, but I had a dream of opening a restaurant and New York City was filled with great ones. For years I spent time here and there trying to open a delicious pizzeria named Savario’s. I woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to abuse my body anymore. I wanted to be better, make smarter choices, and take more action on my overall well being. Little by little, day by day, down to moment by moment, I found ways to help me see life more through a positive lens. I practiced certain techniques that while seemed silly and some ridiculous, I must admit they worked. I feel on top of the world now. I’m living a beautiful life and every day only gets better. These feelings inspired me to get certified to be a life coach and help the masses see life as I do. I’m determined to change the way people think, and I’m not afraid to use myself as an example. I’ve forgiven my past, cleaned up the present, and am excited about the future. I firmly believe we are here to enjoy all the beauty this world has to offer. Pain and suffering will always exist, but only if it’s in your mind. It’s truly all your perspective about it.

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I could get into more detail, like the humanitarian award I won in 8th grade for being a kind child. Or I could dive deep into the pain and suffering I experienced when people bullied me around that time too from being chubby. Or when I was so lost, depressed, and hadn’t the faintest idea of what life was about. All the careers I’ve started and felt I failed at. I could share all that. I could share all my glory. But what’s most important that I want to feed you is that any one of us can change our own lives. Regardless of where you were raised, born, or taught, it’s all possible. Anything learned can be unlearned. All we have done is learn some unhealthy ways of living. Many schools don’t teach us the essentials to build a solid foundation for ourselves, which allows us to enjoy the adventure of living like we were designed to.

I made it through hell and back, and while it was hard, I’m grateful for it all. I’m thankful I put in the effort and didn’t give up, even though at times I wasn’t receiving that instant gratification I desired so much. Life is hard. It’s going to be, so you might as well learn how to make it better, easier, and more enjoyable. There aren’t any tricks up my sleeve. Just love. Enough love to go around for everyone in the world. You just have to be open to it. Ready to love your life more than you ever thought possible? …and when you become a diamond, you’ll understand why life had to pressure you.