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Q: What is The Momentus Method?

A: A class that teaches its students how to live their best life. It’s a ‘feel good’ class that you don’t want to end. It’s making a massive, important decision to better one’s life, and it just happens to be one of the best choices someone can make for themselves, and really, those around them too.

Q: Is the class guaranteed?

A: Each individual will gain knowledge, and it is up to them to practice what is taught. The teachings are basic lessons about living, based in kindness, and while everyone learns differently, at their own pace, there is no time limit on when anything is achieved. It took me years to gain the respect for myself that I deserve, but for someone else, it may take less time, or even longer. One of my favorite parts from the movie Tommy Boy, with Chris Farley and David Spade, is when Chris’ character is trying to sell break-pads without a guarantee on the box. He suggests to the potential buyer that he could take a dump in a box, but then all you’d have is a guaranteed piece of crap. Basically, The Momentus Method is what you make of it. We’re all made of the same stuff, so what worked for me, could very well work for another.

Q: Must the program be re-occurring?

A: When you sign up for school, it’s important to finish the whole program. Learning about YOU is never-ending. You can literally read a new self-help book every week, for your entire life, and just when you think you’ve learned it all, a whole new world opens up. Community is also a very important part of a life well lived, and when you see how many others are participating in bettering their life as well, gosh it feels great. It shows that we are all in this together, making the world a much better place to live in.

Q: Am I still amazing whether I stick with the program or not?

A: Absolutely

Q: I’ve tried your suggestions, and I don’t see a change.

A: This can be for a variety of reasons. Many of these practices take a long time to see results. A good example is a body builder. When they first started lifting weights, big muscles didn’t appear over night, nor even in a few weeks. There are a lot of factors to take place. Consistency and eating properly, just to name a couple.

Some of us too have gotten so off track, like I did, that it takes even longer to see results, and so I encourage you to keep trying. #yougotthis Sunshine is always right around the corner, I promise.

Q: If I decide to cancel, and then decide to join again, can I start where I left off?

A: At the moment, no. You’ll need to start from the beginning. You’ll also need to create a new account with a new email. Just like reading a good book again and again. There will always be moments that you didn’t see the first time reading, and you’ll discover them the second or third time around.

Q: Can anyone do the program, or is it only for certain people?

A: Yes, I do believe we can all learn from the program. While Anthony’s language is quite clean, there may be some swear words here and there.

Q: Can my friends and family join too?

A: Absolutely! And I encourage you to get them to join! The more people in the world that are learning how to better their life, the more a peaceful world we can live in! Every person counts!

Q: Some lessons I don’t understand. Is this ok?

A: Indeed it is. Maybe it’s not the right time for you to understand, but by listening to the lesson, it will soak into your subconscious mind. That lesson will show up in your life, and you’ll learn from it then. Also, by being a part of the community, this program, you can rewatch the lessons as often as you’d like. The more you watch, the more you’ll be inspired to learn!


By participating in The Momentus Method or The Break Free Mastermind, you acknowledge that I, Anthony Catalino, am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional, and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals. These programs, The Momentus Method and The Break Free Mastermind, are in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills, and care. However, I cannot guarantee the outcome of my teaching efforts, any recommendations on my website, as well as my comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion only. I cannot make any guarantees other than to deliver the teaching services purchased as described.

In other words…

I’ve spent years learning how to better my life, all of which are based on three things; Love, Kindness, and Compassion. I wish to share with you my journey so far on this planet, in hopes that you too will begin to see this magnificent world the best way possible, and in return, you get to enjoy your life while you’re here. It’s as simple as that.