• Every breathing person on this planet has the right to be happy and to love their lives.
    Everyone. Period.
  • Unfortunately, it’s not taught to us in school, and that’s why most of the world is unhappy with their life.
  • Traditional one on one coaching can cost upwards of $100 per session, with three sessions
    each month, which is not affordable for most people. Shade Into Sunshine, however, is affordable for anyone!
  • Nobody should have to pay thousands of dollars to learn how to love their life!
  • Learning how to be happy is just like learning anything. What you practice grows stronger. Look at it this way. When you were a kid, learning how to walk and you’d fall down, you never thought to yourself, eh, I won’t be trying THAT again. You tried and tried until you got it!
  • We need reminders often in life, to pick us back up again when we’re down. Allow me! I’m super fun and sincerely want YOU to be happy!
  • It took me many years to love my life, and I’m determined that my personal How-To’s will help you get there also! I’m living proof that they work!
  • You pay for the convenience. I send the emails, the entertainment, the good stuff.
  • Remember, 3% of your monthly $3 contribution is given back to a great charity. You’re investing in yourself AND into a charity! A win-win situation!
  • Join today and watch your health and life improve!

$3/Month Join today.

You’ll be so happy you did!

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